Sunday, 4 September 2011

A breakthrough

Well, today I've had rather a fantastic breakthrough on the journey towards completion of the book. After writing about Ashra's live appearance and award at last year's German Schallwelle Preis for electronic music I moved on to what I think will be the final section. This describes my memories of 2010, including staying at Berlin's UFA Fabrik in February, seeing Manuel Gottsching live in Paris in June and once again in Glasgow at Christmas. I also wrote what will probably be the last few paragraphs, which was a very strange feeling. I now need to do some tidying up here and there but I'm fairly close to being able to say that the third draft is complete.


  1. Would it be bad time to tell you I've just found 6 undiscovered albums? ;) well done mate, really looking forward to the end results...have you thought about doing a pre-order so that you can cover your costs?

  2. Hi 24db, 6 undiscovered albums? I'm pleased but at the same time I quit! Just kidding, of course!?! Don't know about the financial side just yet. Bit more refining the content to go before that..

    Cheers, as ever for your support.