Thursday, 9 February 2012

With thanks to Steve Hillage!

Big thanks to Gong and System 7 legend Steve Hillage, who has very kindly taken the time out to write a lovely piece for the book. In this he discusses his appreciation of Manuel Gottsching's art and an enduring friendship that stretches back to the '70s. As many of you will probably know Steve and Manuel were label mates at Virgin Records back then and Ashra and System 7 subsequently played on the same bill in Japan in 1997. Most recently, in 2010, Steve helped Manuel to play his Inventions for Electric Guitar album live in Japan.
I'm really grateful to Mr. Hillage for adding to my project and as a little personal way of showing my thanks I'm playing his Green album as I type this. Perhaps later on I'll play a bit of System 7 too. Cheers, Steve!


  1. Nice to see him contribute to your book, great musician seen him with Gong and as a solo artist, but playing with Manuel wood have been something special.

  2. Hi Brian, Agreed! Let's hope it happens again soon...