Sunday, 21 November 2010

Under construction

Today I have had a second writing session for the third draft of the book and I have been rewriting/improving upon the first section, detailing the period of time leading from post-war Germany up to the Steeple Chase Bluesband, which split up in 1970 to make way for Ash Ra Tempel. Initially I must confess that the first pages of the book in progress were one of the parts that I was least happy with. Bringing together all of the strands of what was happening with politics and popular culture during a 20+ year stretch of history in parallel with Manuel Gottsching's early musical evolution was proving to be a difficult task but it I think it is finally starting to come together now.

I'm getting married in February and inbetween the relentless organisation taking place finding pockets of time to progress with the book has proved to be difficult. Nevertheless it is happening and things are moving ever forward. At Christmas I anticipate being able to spend some significant chunks of time writing and I'm really looking forward to having this luxury. The forthcoming year will inevitably be a process of fine tuning; chipping away bit by bit, altering the sections that can be improved upon whilst taking into account little facts that I learnt here and there during the course of the last draft. I already have a mental note of many of the parts of the book that I would most like to change and with much of the hardest work now done I think the next hurdle: aiming to bring greater flow, colour and accuracy to the words should be highly enjoyable. Stay tuned....Back soon!