Monday, 15 August 2011

Take Me to Your Reader

Hi all. I'm just checking in for a quick update. After spending several weekends getting stuck in and having also had the last week off work I've been able to move forward at a rate of knots with the book-in-progress. I've managed to update and improve sections about Ashra's live dates of 1997, the Die Mulde album, the Ash Ra Tempel reunion of 2000 and I've now managed to get as far as the Concert for Murnau of 2003. As you can see things are moving forward at a fair pace! Having said that every time I look through my document again I see little things I'd like to add, take away or rewrite so it may be a short while before I can confidently say that I've finished the third draft. Watch this space, though. Be there soon.....


  1. Hi Chris, Sounds like you are making real progress. I just found your blog today and think the book is a great idea. I'll be following your progress and hope to buy a copy whenever it becomes available. Best of luck with it.


  2. Hi Spacedog,

    Thanks for tuning in. It's great to know there's going to be some interest out there when the book is finished. It certainly spurs me on to move forward!