Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy Christmas to one and all!

A Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope you've had a good year and I hope the next one is better still.

I've just been looking back over the 2012 blog entries and they reminded me I've had a truly fantastic 12 months. It only seems like a few days since I posted the photos taken on the beach in Whitley Bay on New Year's Day. In 2012 I visited New York for the first time (and was blown away), received wonderful contributions to the book by Gong and System 7 man Steve Hillage, Alex Paterson of The Orb and Agitation Free founder member Lutz Ludwig Kramer. I also got to see Ashra live in Berlin, visited Manuel's amazing Studio Roma and met Lutz Ulbrich before seeing Agitation Free live in London. I saw an incredible shooting star burning up in the sky that made the BBC national news the next day and celebrated a fourth anniversary since I started writing the book. On a sadder note this year we lost Fax Records owner and ambient/electronic music genius Pete Namlook. I had a bit of correspondence with Pete when buying his CDs and he was a lovely man. He may be gone but his music will live on.

So, what of 2013, then? Well, we have Manuel's new DVD release, recorded live at Transmediale with the spectacular Joshua Light Show to look forward to and I'm rather hoping that this will be the year when you get to read my book. It is pretty much finished (with the exception of whatever minor alterations the publisher may wish to make) and it is currently in a waiting list to be checked out. Coming soon is all I can tell you. Thank you all for following my blog and not losing patience if you're still tuned in. I'll be back in 2013, hopefully offering some exciting developments in the not-too-distant future! Have a great holiday and take care until then.