Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thanks, Harald!

From previous research for my book I realised that Cosmic Jokers and Ashra drummer Harald Grosskopf is a person who enjoys celebrating and documenting his life with both the written word and photographs. Even so I was stunned by the interesting, insightful and entertaining answers he has provided to my recent interview questions. Thank you very much Harald for taking the time to provide a series of great recollections and anecdotes. When I see you I owe you and your musical friends a beer. Cheers!


  1. hello ihave beeen reading your blog latley and cant wait for the book.i was wondering if in your research you found info on the master tapes from ohr,it seems that the first few ART cds come from vinyl as you can hear pops and ticks in the background.also every reissue on cd seems to use the same spalax cd master.are they lost.thanks.

  2. hello,sorry if this is a duplicate post,anyway, i was wondering if you know who has the master tapes from the ohr label.the first few ART cd are from a vinyl source.

  3. Hi jjy,

    I too have noticed a few little pops here and there but on the Cosmic Jokers rather the Ash Ra Tempel CDs. I was never sure whether those sounds were connected to the original master tapes or something to do with the music being transferred to CD.

    As to the ownership of the master tapes I'm afraid I have no idea although it's a very interesting question.

    Glad you're following the blog! The book may take a while yet but I promise I will get there.

  4. Wow - Manuel, Steve, now Harald... It's really great to see how this book is nicely coming together with contributions from the key players involved in the MG discography!!

  5. Just been catching up on the book. Looks like it's all coming along nicely. Hope your meeting in London in MG was useful!

  6. Thanks Sid,

    It was great to have the opportunity to meet Manuel. A very exciting (and slightly surreal) experience after 18 months of research and writing. The book is getting there bit by bit and the interviews I've conducted have provided some fascinating recollections.