Thursday, 3 January 2013

Best for 2013

Greetings from Whitley Bay. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013! Thank you for reading the blog and for your support along the way and do keep getting in touch. It's always lovely to hear from you and I'm really pleased that readers from all over the world seem to check out what I'm up to from time to time. I'm hoping that this year my Manuel Gottsching book will find its way on to your shelves! Watch this space...


  1. Good morning Chris, living in Whitley Bay must be inspiring... Currently listening to Ashra's concert in Angers in 77, wow how great a guitarist is Manuel. Fan since 1972 when I first heard "schwingungen" I follow all his recordings and those of the Berlin school. Sequencers are my "cup of tea" and I can't live without them... Have a great day ! François

  2. Good morning Chris, thanx for your wishes, have fun writing your book, it's such a great idea. Now listening to Manuel's concert at La Villette 2010, wow what a treat ! Cheers !