Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Neverending Story

Hello readers. I thought I should check in and say hello in case any of you think my project has ground to a shuddering halt. Not the case at all! This morning I finally finished a skeleton index for the book (I call it this because it contains all of the keywords but not the accompanying page numbers - these will inevitably change when the book goes to a publisher). A citation section is also complete but I want to double check this for accuracy and I've also been adding some anecdotes and making amendments based on information I learnt on my trip to Berlin in June.

I've had some highly encouraging feedback from the people in the process of checking the book (can't disclose any specific information right now) but they have very busy lives and several projects currently under development. No matter. I have been assured that they will be back in touch when they have had sufficient time to read my draft carefully.

So, it's all about patience. Please continue to tune in, folks. I actually think that not having to rush things at this point is probably a positive thing, as it allows me to check, to fine tune and to add additional material that will make the finished product slightly better.

We shall arrive and you will be able to read. It just takes time...

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