Friday, 4 May 2012

My work is done here......?

Hi there readers. Firstly I want to apologise for a lengthy absence from the blog. Not through choice, I must add. This has been down to the fact that Blogger have changed their interface and frankly almost everything about it has been driving me around the bend! I find the new layout much harder to navigate and the new set up wasn't allowing me to post photographs either. Finally this morning it seemed to work, for some reason.

It's a shame about the delay with this blog post because last weekend I had big news to share. After an extended round of tweaking, which was really a sixth draft, I suppose, I think I finished the book. Have I finished the book....? I ask that question in a slightly confused way because I'm now so close to it that  I can't tell. To me it feels and looks done. A friend of mine who is in publishing suggested that when I had finished I should leave the draft for six weeks and go back to it. A break should hopefully give me better perspective. In the meantime I need to be thinking about a thanks list (there are a lot of good folk to thank for their help with this), the referencing (starting to feel like an academic piece of work!) and a skeleton index - I say skeleton index because obviously when my Microsoft Word document goes to a publisher all of the page numbers are going to shift. All I can do for now is produce an alphabetical list of the key topics.

So, is that it, I wonder? Four years of toil and I think I might be there. Can't quite believe it.....

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