Sunday, 11 March 2012

Half-time oranges

Well, as the hours of another weekend slip away, like sand through my fingers, I find myself at almost precisely the halfway mark of the fifth draft of the book. In some sports, including football, they have oranges at half-time. Perhaps I should too?

Yesterday I was writing about the New Age of Earth album and today I've been finishing off with Correlations, a couple of years later. That doesn't sound like much but including archival releases that's seven records. I'm quite pleased with my progress but it pains me to tear myself away from the project once more, as another week at work beckons.

Today I had a bit of e-mail correspondence with Ashra/Cosmic Jokers drummer Harald Grosskopf, as I wanted to confirm that what I'd written about the Ashra rehearsal sessions of 1978 at Berlin's UFA studios was accurate. As friendly and helpful as ever, Harald was back in touch in no time at all to provide a few fresh quotes on top of what I already had. Great stuff! Cheers, Harald. Top man!

It frustrates me to walk away again but I'll be back soon. It just takes a little patience and I'm getting there, for sure.

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