Sunday, 20 November 2011

The next move

After a lengthy break from writing, during which I've been contemplating which sections of the book require improvement I was unable to resist revisiting my section about the E2-E4 album today. Having read the recent article about the recording in The Wire magazine I learnt one or two little fragments of information that I felt may add to my account of the making of the record and in tweaking a few bits and pieces I ended up giving the whole of the chapter a bit of an overhaul. I now think that I'm almost there with this part, which is great. Next weekend, time permitting I intend to return to the start of the draft and begin the next raft of improvements.

In other news off the back of this blog I've struck up correspondence with a few fellow Manuel Gottsching fans and was going to e-mail one friend today when he beat me to it and sent me a list of his top 10 M.G. records for a bit of fun. It's always really nice to receive messages like that and great to be able to discuss the music in this way, which leads me on to what I was going to say next: if you have been moved by the music or feel that you have something to add to the book do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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