Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sehr kosmisch

I've just finished writing a section of the book about Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and the Cosmic Jokers. With recollections of the period at Ohr Records and its spin-off labels supplied by Harald Grosskopf and Stephan Kaske of Mythos there are some fascinating insights into the rise and fall of Kaiser's cosmic music empire.

Reviews for the Cosmic Jokers albums have been particularly hard to write, possibly because the music made by the band is so difficult to pin down. The style of the album reviews throughout the book in progress have tended to mirror the type of music that I've been writing about. With this in mind it is hardly surprising that the notes for the Cosmic Jokers albums are...well....sehr kosmisch, really. I'm rather hoping that alongside the pop art album sleeves by Peter Geitner they capture just a little of the kitsch, the colour and the wonder of the unique music made by this fantastic but short-lived band but that's for you to decide.

To write about music so out there without seeming even more out there has been challenging but also a lot of fun. More soon....

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