Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cosmic days

Well the last couple of weekends have found me writing about Walter Wegmuller's Tarot and the The Cosmic Jokers. It is a story as fascinating as any in the history of rock music, rich with it's myths and unusual twists and turns. What strikes me as I'm writing is that regardless of the eventual outcomes of this period (the collapse of the Ohr Records empire, many of the artists on the label moving on to bigger things and the disappearance of label head Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and partner Gille Lettmann) the music survives gloriously. Tarot and the Cosmic Jokers albums still sound utterly unique with no obvious parallel. Call it space rock, kosmiche musik or whatever you will but nobody, not Pink Floyd, not Hawkwind, no other act has visited planets as distant and strange and brought back evidence of what they saw.


  1. Have you read KDM's comments about Kaiser?

  2. Hi 24db. Yes, I have. I've read a lot in the course of my research and I guess we may never know what really happened to the Kaiser and Gille. Lots of possibilities have been discussed. The truth is somewhere out there!