Sunday 29 March 2015

Deep Distance Manuel Göttsching book - In stock and available now

Deep Distance - The Musical Life of Manuel Göttsching is now available to order.

- Update: Mar '23 - Still in stock (down to the last few boxes). Please note that due to changes made to Blogger since this site was set-up the payment menu is not viewable from mobiles. Please use a desktop computer to order. -

Well over six years in the writing, this has been painstakingly pieced together but was also a real labour of love for me.

Here's some information about the book:
-156 pages
-95,000 words
-Four pages of colour photographs
-12 black and white photographs/images throughout the text
-Limited edition print run

Covers the early years, Ash Ra Tempel, The Cosmic Jokers, Ashra and Manuel's solo career to date.

Includes exclusive contributions from Harald Grosskopf, Lutz Ulbrich, Steve Baltes, Joaquin Joe Claussell, Steve Hillage and concert recollections from fans.

Here is a section from the back cover: 
 Sample pages: 
The book is priced:   

UK: £11.99 + £3.00 p&p   Total = £14.99
Europe:  £11.99 + £5.00 p&p   Total = £16.99
USA and Rest of World: £11.99 + £7.00 p&p   Total = £18.99

Unfortunately posting items from UK to the USA and rest of world these days is an expensive business but I have tried to keep the cost down as much as is possible.

Don't forget to select the correct payment option for you from the drop-down near the top of the page. Once you have made a payment you should be directed back to the blog homepage.

This will be a limited print run so make sure you don't miss out.
Happy reading. Hope you enjoy.


Update: here are some customer reviews of the book...
Thanks Christian for the book. It's great! Nice memories... (Lutz Ulbrich - Ashra)

It is obvious to me that from the first two chapters what you have here is an extremely well researched tome. It shows the passion of the writer, Christian Wheeldon, for his subject's work. That this passion is equally shared by thousands of fans all over the world almost guarantees that this new book will fulfil many sales. From early days through the emerging german underground music scene and beyond through the techno age and ambient, Manuel is now being recognised as one of the fathers of techno dance music, mainly through his influential album E2-E4. It's this very same album that Manuel is recreating at Hebden Bridge Picture House later this year. Details to be announced soon we hope. In the meantime buy the book, limited edition only. It's a superb slice of musical history, the very presence of it is almost miraculous in itself! (Paul)

Read about half now and believe me I have read a million music bios. This one is of extremely high quality. First of all it is extremely well-written, which almost never happens in music bios and the research is high quality. One can feel everything has been researched as far as one could. What happened to Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, I beg you?

Descriptions of albums remind one of listening to a tennis match on the radio. You have to sonically fill in the blanks but it somehow works.

Praise needs to be heaped here. (Shan CyberShan)

Hi Christian, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent MG biography. I've just finished it, and it was most enjoyable. It encouraged me to revisit some areas of Manuel's music which I hadn't heard in a good while, and also made me determined to track down a few releases that I haven't got around to hearing yet. Cap doffed, sir! (Charlie)

Wheeldon’s is the first proper book to examine the life of Manuel Göttsching, and is an absolute triumph at the task. He provides an historic account of the socio-cultural circumstances surrounding each album’s production and descriptions of the music, which will undoubtedly inspire readers to seek out and enjoy these albums for themselves. (James)

Mr. Fujita has read and really enjoyed the book. Thank you again for your kind arrangements. (Takuya)

I started it last night and it's a difficult book to put down. (Mick)

Hi Christian, just to let you know I'm knee deep (distance) into the book, and it's just wonderful. Congrats, you can be proud of your baby! (Johan)

This is fantastic...a young lad from the UK is writing about our very own music...KRAUT. This book is very good researched...empiric and written with much love. Anybody who wants to know more about this part of German culture must have this book! (Lutz Ludwig Kramer)

I can recommend it thoroughly.... Well done!!! Only problem is you cost me money. I just had to chase up some albums you reviewed in it. Not complaining though! (Dean)

I just received the book this afternoon. I took it with me and went in a park and in the shadow of a tree I began the reading.

It looks very, very interesting. I only read the introduction and chapter one but it's reading like a novel where you want to know what is following. In the first pages you talk about "man on the moon" during summer '69. It means something to me: at that very same time I was hitchhiking in Germany and the driver tried to explain me that event (but he wasn't speaking French nor English), but at last I understood. I was going to...Berlin!

What a surprise also to see some pictures of Paris concert in '73 and '74. I think I still have paper cuttings!

You have done a superb job. You can be proud! (Michel)

Photos of Deep Distance sent from Manuel Göttsching fans around the world with one or two familiar faces...


  1. Excellent! Release date?

  2. Hi there. Thanks! Can't be precise right now (as of 29/03/15). As long as it takes me to get an unbound copy from the printers, approve it and then send it to print. It won't be long at all.

  3. Fantastic. It must be wonderful to have it finished.

  4. Great news! Well done, Chris.

  5. Thanks, Sid and thank you for your valuable blog advice. You may just find yourself in the acknowledgements section... :-)

  6. Congrats,I read the sample page you put up and can't wait to see more.

  7. Wow ! Great great news ! Fantastic ! Just can't wait to read this book...

  8. Thank you, the mysterious JJY. You have been following the progress of this book for several years now. Can you reveal your true identity? :-)

  9. Thanks for your interest in the project, Francois! hope you enjoy reading the book when it arrives! Best, C

  10. EXCLUSIVE: Manuel Göttsching talks about the Berlin scene and Edgar Froese.

  11. EXCLUSIVE: Manuel Göttsching talks about the Berlin scene and Edgar Froese.


  13. Thank you for posting the news over at my place! I posted the news on the main page. Keep up the good work!

  14. Landed today... a million thanks...worth the wait? question....a real labour of love and much appreciated..thank you Christian

  15. Wow! Thanks for your kind words. Hope you enjoy it :-) C

  16. Now that was quick ... only ordered it yesterday. Cheers!

  17. I don't hang about. Enjoy, Laurie! :-) Do let me know how you get on with it.

  18. Ordered now (and sent the money). I'm waiting for my copy. Thank you!

  19. Wow, what can I say after these honorific lines... This book is just... GREAT!!! Every album is fully reviewed incorporating some great stuff "in the making of" each next album to come, quite interesting. Though I fully enjoy E2-E4, my favorite still remains "the new age of earth". Even if Manuel is a GREAT guitarist, much underrated to my taste, he is a wonderful keyboardist.
    Thank you Chris for that great job you did, it took so much time of a life, it was well worthing to wait for it.
    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you so much, Francois. It is comments like yours that make six years of weekends and holidays shut away writing worthwhile. So pleased that you enjoyed it! Best, C

  20. I'm delighted to see just how well your book has sold, well done